I added “2019, I”, after weeks of thinking about how to illustrate the deaths in Mediterranean Sea. This is the result, in abashment.



I added “2018, III”, and now I will paint an oil, with much red and yellow. Oils are  not exhibited in this gallery. But if you are interested please send me an e-mail. I would send you photos of oil which not moulded in summer 2014.



SAWA Županja Hardcore punk festival:

Besides, I fell in a creative blockade. This can last some weeks, or months.



After WordPress is changing edit functions again and again, I feel sick and tired about it. And because I think that this “art” is completely useless,  this site will be closed in a few days. Well, I’m still on the fence.



A new drawing failed, with white pen on black paper. I tried to find better covering white ink and smoother black paper for that. Without success. So I rested a long time by reading and gardening, watching bumblebees and other insects. Last week a new idea knocked, I expect to perform it till end of June. With black ballpoint on white paper again.


28. June 2015:

“2015, III” is finished and uploaded.


29. March 2015:

I uploaded a new drawings: 2015, II. I have a lot to do in our garden, digging and planting dozens of bushes and dwarf fruit trees.

New drawing will be uploaded in June. Maybe I will build gargoyle-like creatures from cast stone, later this year. Kind of gothic scarecrows.


07. February 2015:

I uploaded some old drawings.


January 2015:

Sretnu Novu …


21. September 2014:

Some of my old oil paintings mouldered. They travel to garbage dump now. Maybe I will draw mouldy somethings now.


01. August 2014:

A new drawing is uploaded: “Furs”. This time I put some colour in.
The drawing was scanned in four sessions. I am sorry but this is not perfectly done. A scanner for DIN A3 is too expensive.


28. June 2014:

I plan to upload a new drawing by the end of July.


03. May 2014:

A new drawing is finished: “Textures”. Now I paint an oil – a melting wo/man attacked by a couple of animals. This new image will not be exhibited because it isn’t a drawing. But I will send a photo if you wish to see the painting. If you are interested please use the form at “Contact” to ask for it.